Sudheer Kumar Reddy Gowrigari — Salesforce Inc. - Manager, Software Engineering

Sudheer Kumar Reddy G is a distinguished Manager of Software Engineering at Salesforce, renowned for his innovative contributions to the field of software development and his dynamic leadership in fostering technological advancements. With a decade of rich experience in the tech industry, Sudheer possesses a diverse skill set, including proficiency in ES6, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, Core Java, and Ruby on Rails, allowing him to navigate complex projects and deliver optimal solutions seamlessly. 


Before his pivotal role at Salesforce, Sudheer gained invaluable insights as a Senior Software Engineer at Pega Systems Inc., where he focused on enhancing reusable UI components and optimizing software functionality. He also played a crucial role at ValueLabs, integrating BazaarVoice rating systems to Snapfish photo gift products and leading the transition to Canvas builders to support mobile platforms. 


Sudheer has been the driving force behind groundbreaking projects such as the Block Type Bundle Modeling Work at Salesforce, which introduced a new channel-agnostic specification for block bundles, achieving a 35% increase in adaptability and extensibility to diverse editors and builders. His visionary approach and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned him prestigious recognitions including the “Cloud Star” award at Salesforce and the “Rising Star” award at ValueLabs, Snapfish. 


A lifelong learner, Sudheer holds certifications as a Salesforce Certified Scrum Master and a Pega Certified System Architect 7.2, reflecting his commitment to professional development and continuous learning. His passion for innovation, profound technical acumen, and dedication to cultivating an environment of excellence make him a respected leader and a trailblazer in the software engineering field.