Sarthak Srivastava — Visa Inc. - Senior DevOps Engineer

  • As a Senior DevOps Engineer in Visa Inc organization, my role involves combining an understanding of both engineering and coding to create and develop systems within the company. I collaborate with various departments to implement systems software and analyze data to improve existing systems, thereby increasing productivity in the workplace. My responsibilities includes:
    Designing and implementing continuous integration and delivery pipelines to enable efficient software development and deployment processes.
    Automating infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and management using tools like Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes.
    Collaborating with development teams to optimize application performance, scalability, and reliability.
    Monitoring and managing production systems, ensuring high availability and quick resolution of any issues or incidents.
    Implementing security best practices and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
    Mentoring and providing guidance to junior DevOps engineers or development teams.
    Staying up-to-date with emerging technologies, tools, and industry trends to drive innovation and process improvement. 
  • Sarthak Srivastava is an accomplished Senior DevOps Engineer currently working at Visa Inc, a leading global payments technology company based in the United States of America. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Sarthak brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his role. Throughout his career, Sarthak has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and has been recognized for his contributions. Notably, he served as a judge for the esteemed Globee Awards, underscoring his industry recognition and expertise. As a Senior DevOps Engineer at Visa Inc, Sarthak plays a pivotal role in optimizing and streamlining software development and deployment processes. His deep understanding of DevOps principles, tools, and methodologies allows him to effectively drive efficiency, reliability, and continuous improvement within his organization. 
  • Sarthak holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, which showcases his strong educational foundation and technical acumen. His educational background has equipped him with the skills necessary to excel in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving field of DevOps.