Sharada Tyagi — Republic Services Inc. - Enterprise Sr Data Governance Analyst

I am a Cloud Technology Enthusiast who enjoys to work on implementation and automation efforts to help solve business challenges by empowering customers to build highly available, high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable, systems and applications while keeping one of the most important factor cost in mind. I am passionate about working along side teams in thier cloud migration efforts they are doing from OnPrem to AWS, deploying Big Data, Machine Learning, Serverless and IoT workloads on AWS. 


I have keen interest in DevOps and Cloud technologies. This continuous desire to learn has allowed my career to rapidly evolve from technical business analysis to Sr Cloud Data Engineer actively waiting my next opportunity of helping customers solve their problem statements or design and develop highly available, fault tolerant applications and systems on Cloud. 


How do I do it? 


✔I focus on the vision and the big picture. I’m no stranger to managing multiple projects, deliverables and stakeholders all at once. 


✔I’m dedicated to making technology accessible to the end-user. I ensure that users have the education and necessary training they need to leverage the power of the tools I put in place. 


✔I obsess about efficiency. I make it my personal mission to overhaul processes that could use improvement, and to automate as much as possible, saving time AND money. 


I am a good team player with strong experience in leading and mentoring teams in achieving desired goals and passionate about coaching, talent development and mentoring others. 


Leader,MSIM,MBA, 2XAWS Cert 


Helping Companies build Modern Data Management Environments involving best practices around Data Mgmt Sys,Data Catalogues, Metadata Mgmt| Invited Member of the 2022 Women Future Conference Advisory Board