Sandra Ugol — Kelly & Associates - Vice President of Quality Audit, Learning & Development

I am a Technical Lead at Twilio, currently leading the team responsible for A2P 10DLC compliance for messaging. Utilizing my extensive experience with asynchronous systems, I have efficiently streamlined Twilio’s complex compliance pipelines by implementing workflow orchestrators, leading to notable improvements in manageability and operational efficiency. Before joining Twilio, I worked at Amazon Web Services, Yahoo, and Cerner. Throughout my tenure at these companies, I developed robust end-to-end solutions and successfully managed complex operations. This has enriched my expertise not only in asynchronous computing but also in software development, cloud computing, and healthcare IT solutions. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University. My innovative and agile approach to software engineering and leadership distinguishes me as a significant contributor to the telecommunications realm and beyond. 

Doctoral candidate in Instructional leadership at the University of Alabama, Masters in ID & T.