Rouble Malik — Amazon Web Services - Cloud Engineer Security

I am an AWS Cloud engineer specializing in the Security domain, with a decade of valuable work experience. My responsibilities include configuring, troubleshooting, monitoring, and managing AWS Cloud security services. Additionally, I take pride in guiding customers through the design, implementation, and execution of security reviews and best practices. 
I have earned numerous professional certifications, with a particular expertise in AWS ACM service. Presenting detailed technical information to both internal and external audiences is a skill I have developed over the years. Presenter at the BSides Denver 2023 Security conference. 
In addition, I am an active member of esteemed organizations such as the BCS and IET. Recently, I had the privilege of being part of the peer review Judging panel for the 2023 Asia Pacific Steve Awards and 2023 Globee Leadership award. This experience allowed me to contribute my insights to recognize and celebrate excellence in various fields.