Rakesh Datta — Microsoft Corporation - Senior Technical Leader

Rakesh has about 14 years of experience working in the computer software sector and is a visionary, innovator, technical leader, painter and teacher. He worked for large corporations like Microsoft, CISCO, Dell, and others after earning his engineering bachelor’s degree from India and his master’s degree in the USA. He led numerous product development from scratch, in the networking sector. He enjoys referring to himself as a “full-stack network software engineer” because he has expertise across all of the networking layers and domains, including VOIP, Secure Calls, WebRTC, Switch NOS, SDN, programmable data plane, data center underlay networks, network observability, and many more. He is currently a technical leader developing Microsoft’s “industry-first” network security product development. He is also a security researcher, and in 2013 Facebook honored him for revealing a significant vulnerability. Rakesh is also an innovator and researcher. He likes to collaborate with universities, IEEE, and open-source communities and gives back his wealth of knowledge and ideas in the form of technical contributions and papers. Rakesh is also a people person who endorses best practices and a great culture in the workspace.