Pranav Shah — Salesforce - Senior Director of Engineering

As Senior Director of Software Engineering at Salesforce I play a critical leadership role responsible for driving innovation, technical excellence, and delivery of high-quality software solutions. With a global presence and a commitment to customer success, Salesforce is a renowned cloud-based CRM platform that empowers businesses to connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways. 
I am responsible for leading and inspiring a talented team of software engineers, providing strategic direction and guidance in alignment with Salesforce’s business objectives. I play a pivotal role in shaping the technical roadmap, driving the adoption of best practices, and ensuring the timely delivery of scalable and reliable software solutions. 
Collaboration would be a key aspect of your role, as I work closely with cross-functional teams, including product management, design, and quality assurance, to drive innovation and ensure a seamless customer experience. 
In this leadership position, I would also be responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining top engineering talent. My experience in building and managing high-performing teams is essential in creating an environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and professional growth. 
Furthermore, as part of the executive leadership team, I contribute to strategic decision-making, provide technical insights, and collaborate with stakeholders across the organization to drive Salesforce’s overall success. 
Prior to joining Salesforce in 2010, I held key positions in renowned organizations, contributing my expertise in software engineering and web technologies. At Accenture, I served as a Software Engineer in both their India and Singapore branches. During my tenure, I played a crucial role in maintaining and delivering new functionalities for trading systems at JP Morgan. This experience provided me with invaluable insights into the financial industry and honed my skills in building robust and efficient software solutions. 
In addition to my corporate experience, I served as a Teaching Associate at Indiana Bloomington, where I had the opportunity to impart my knowledge of web technologies to budding professionals. This role allowed me to foster their understanding of cutting-edge web development practices and helped shape the next generation of talent in the field. 
Furthermore, I had the privilege of working as a Web Developer for the Indiana Biotech Institute, where I contributed to the development of web-based solutions that supported critical research initiatives. This exposure to the intersection of technology and the life sciences deepened my understanding of diverse industries and their specific software needs. 
These diverse experiences have equipped me with a well-rounded skill set, combining technical expertise, industry knowledge, and a passion for teaching and learning. They have shaped my approach to software engineering, instilling in me a commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. 
I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Mumbai University, India. Following my valuable work experience at Accenture, I pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Indiana University of Bloomington. Additionally, I have completed executive training at the prestigious Berkeley Institute in California. 
During my time as a graduate student, I had the privilege of publishing a research paper on Cloud Computing, which garnered recognition and was subsequently showcased at the Cloud Com tech event, a prominent gathering held across the United States. In addition to my academic achievements, I have earned several Sun Certifications in Java development, further demonstrating my expertise in the field. 
These educational pursuits and professional experiences have equipped me with a strong foundation in engineering and computer science, complemented by my passion for research and dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.