Niamh Kavanagh — Dream Machine USA - Marketing

Manager for Charlie Rocket & CMO for The Dream Machine Foundation 


The Dream Machine Foundation exists to disrupt the non-profit industry. We are creating a new-age foundation that is built upon using storytelling and social media to crowdsource making dreams come true for people who need a miracle. We are creating the world’s biggest community of philanthropists, currently at 8 million and growing. We are making helping people fun, entertaining, and exciting for people to be a part of. We have already received support from some of the biggest companies and celebrities in the world, and we believe we can be the biggest non-profit in the world in 5 years. If that isn’t enough, we also believe in the power of a dream. We believe that everyone who is a part of our community should have the opportunity to not only make others dreams come true, but to make their dreams come true. We are building a world where we give people the resources, community, education, and inspiration they need to bring their dreams to life.