Dr. Neha Achrekar, Director and Global Head Capability Development, Learning Strategist, Life Sciences Digital Operations, Cognizant

Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Co-founder of Soul Therapy Clinic 


Neha is a future-focused and innovative professional committed to transforming organizations’ capability development landscape through its people, processes, culture, domain & technology. She has worked across multiple industries, large multinational organizations and global environments, leading her teams to win several prestigious International Awards like Brandon Hall and Association for Talent Development (ATD). 

Neha brings in two decades of experience. Through her career span, she has played many roles, such as a medical practitioner, psychological counsellor, master trainer, creative & brand visualizer, operations leader, instructional designer and capability development consultant. This has given her a vast amount of experience in knowledge management, customer centricity, large-scale talent and capability building projects. She is also responsible for building strategic solutions for leading global organizations across industries. These solutions have enabled business transformation, domain skilling, talent attraction & retention, culture enhancement and organizational development.  

As a Learning Strategist, Neha has combined her unique skills of science, technology, creativity, to build new-age and innovative learning practices. Adept in customized and addictive skilling approach, Neha has built unique solutions to improve learning experience. Some of her work involved enabling desired outcomes through social and digital learning interventions, micro & byte-sized learning, competency-based skilling, simulations, gamification, and the use of augmented reality in learning. 

Academically, Neha is a medical doctor and has rich experience in working with huge multispecialty hospitals, in the fields of Pathology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Psychological Counselling.  She is a gold medallist in Art & Painting and is a certified software programmer. As a Counselor – her deep passion for understanding basic human nature, and the inherent desire for learning, helps her constantly explore and discover new frontiers of meaningful learning and accelerated skilling.