Mohammad Ismail Rizvi — Exelon Corporation USA - IT Lead

Mohammed Rameez Rizvi, an accomplished IT Professional at the nation’s largest utility company, boasts over 12 years of experience adeptly steering and reinforcing pivotal applications for a prestigious Fortune 250 enterprise. His journey reflects an unswerving commitment to excellence and innovation within the IT arena. 


Amid his role as an IT Lead, Mohammed radiates as a captivating speaker and influential figure, weaving insights that resonate with audiences. His acumen in crafting insightful content has resulted in a trove of articles and research papers published in revered peer-reviewed journals, underscoring his expertise and devotion. 


Beyond his literary endeavors, Mohammed’s influence reverberates through his roles as a speaker and judge in numerous Hackathons and award platforms. 


Ultimately, Mohammed’s narrative epitomizes an unwavering dedication to advancement, innovation, and impact. Through his leadership in critical application support, his multifaceted roles as an author, speaker, and judge, he has left an indelible mark on the ever-evolving IT landscape, inspiring emerging professionals and fostering sustained growth within the field.