Latha Thama Reddi — DXC Technologies - Sr. Product and Portfolio Manager

Latha Thamma Reddi is a highly accomplished Global Project, Program and Portfolio Management Leader with two decades of experience in leading Project Management globally, of which Seven Years in USA, known for delivering successful results. Her experience is not limited to Global Supply Chain Corporate Finance, Treasury, and Banking, Insurance Domain, and DevOps. She is also become expert in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data science platform by implementing various Innovation and Automation reports, Cloud Migration projects globally, and she has successfully spearheaded global digital transformations for renowned Fortune 100 companies at HP and HPE and DXC Technology. 

Throughout her career, Latha has provided leadership advice to various teams, including SAP COE, Operations Excellence, Project Management, and Quality Management. Her extraordinary ability extends to proficiently managing escalations, showcasing her ability to handle challenging situations effectively. 

Latha has been granted the opportunity to introduce Agile methodologies and the sprint model in the project delivery of a Global Corporate Supply Chain Finance Project in 2009. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of project execution by adopting Agile principles and implementing a sprint-based approach. Latha’s involvement in this endeavor reflects her expertise in driving organizational change and optimizing project management practices. 

Latha has played a pivotal role in successfully delivering critical and complex projects, marked as “Red status,” within the specified timelines. Her efforts have earned recognition and appreciation from clients, as well as internal and external stakeholders. 

Latha has received the prestigious CIO Innovative award in recognition of her remarkable achievement in successfully completing a “Red status” project with significant financial impact in the field of corporate finance. This accolade acknowledges her outstanding leadership and the key contributions made by her in delivering a challenging project. 

Latha has undertaken split and merge projects and achieved remarkable success in their delivery. Her track record demonstrates her adeptness in effectively managing enterprise transformation programs, encompassing comprehensive business process reengineering, automation, innovation, large-scale systems development, and organizational change management. 

Latha derives immense joy and gratitude from her ability to inspire countless professionals on their career paths. Her mission is to empower as many individuals as possible, guiding them towards lives filled with fulfillment and the realization of their dreams. Drawing from her personal journey, she has acquired invaluable insights, which she is driven to share to uplift others. Latha firmly believes that one’s starting point is insignificant compared to the direction they aspire to pursue and progress in. 

In addition to her professional endeavors, Latha actively contributes to the community as the Director of Volunteer Management at PMI (Project Management Institute). She has dedicated several years to the organization Food for Hunger, passionately working towards alleviating hunger. Latha finds immense joy in giving back to society and expressing her utmost gratitude. 

Latha has had the privilege of mentoring and training hundreds of professionals throughout her career, equipping them with valuable skills. She has conducted in-house training sessions on a range of subjects, including SAP, Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Methodologies, and various management tools. Her dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering others has made a significant impact on the professional development of numerous individuals. 

Latha has made substantial contributions as a member of several Awards Committee, including serving as a Grand Award Jury Committee member for ISEF 2023 in the Engineering Technology: Statics & Dynamics category, as well as being part of the Stevie and Globee, Customer Centricity world Series, Contact Centre World Awards Jury Committee in various category expert profile review to rank and provide solid feedback. She actively participates in publishing articles, delivering keynote speeches, and acting as a distinguished guest of honor. 

Latha has been granted the privilege of participating as a speaker at the PMI XPO June 2023 Series. Her topic of expertise revolves around the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Project Management. This opportunity allows her to share her insights and knowledge with the audience, contributing to the ongoing discussions and advancements in the field. 

Latha has earned certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP), SAP Activate Manager, Professional Scrum Master, and Six Sigma, showcasing her commitment to professional excellence and continuous learning. 

Latha has been honored with memberships in several esteemed organizations, including the Project Management Institute (PMI), where she holds a membership. She is also a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), showcasing her expertise and contributions in the field. Latha has been recognized as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).These prestigious memberships signify Latha’s critical achievements, knowledge, and dedication in her respective areas of expertise. 

Latha is a distinguished leader in the field of emerging technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Her expertise in these areas has earned her the privilege of serving as an advisor to startup entrepreneurs in the global market. Leveraging her deep knowledge and experience, Latha provides valuable guidance to help these companies navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies and achieve success in the competitive business landscape. 

Latha has been honored with Woman of Excellence Award 2023 and Global Achievers award 2023 by India Achievers Forum.