Jodie Pritchard — Citizens Advice - Head of Learning

With a 20 year career working in Learning and Development (L&D) across the corporate and charity sectors, Jodie brings a wealth of experience to her role at Citizens Advice.  


Leading a multi-disciplinary team who create engaging and impactful L&D products that support the 27,000 staff and volunteers across England and Wales, Jodie has transformed the learning offer at Citizens Advice; creating a digital first L&D offer  through their learning management system and implementing Agile ways of working to support the creation and launch of L&D products. 


Her commitment to prioritising user needs, making data based decisions, focussing on sustainability and building a culture of empowerment and trust throughout her team has led to an improved people experience internally and award winning success in the industry. 


She is thrilled to be part of the panel this year.