Vikranth Etikyala - Manager - SoFi

I am an experienced leader and software architect focused on delivering enterprise-grade products through data-driven decisions. I actively engage with executive leadership, streamlining their tasks and amplifying their impact through strategic collaborations. I am skilled in improving engineering productivity, standardizing best practices, mentoring teams and passionate about delivering short-term incremental changes that enable long-term strategic solutions across organization levels. 

With over a decade of hands-on experience in software development, my area of expertise lies in building and managing Distributed systems, Cloud-based solutions, and FinTech applications. I was a key part of Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) team for ~8 years, where I contributed to the development of a planet-scale distributed system, seeing it grow from 1Trillion to 200Trillion objects across nearly 30 geographical regions. This unique experience allowed me to be at the forefront of building one of the largest cloud infrastructure on the planet. 

In my role at AWS, I led multiple teams in Frontend and Index organizations working cross functionally across S3 and various AWS teams where I applied advanced security, networking, and database strategies to distributed systems and also led the development of critical customer-facing features such as List V2 and S3 Accelerate, both of which have become integral parts of Amazon S3’s and AWS best practices doc. 

Now, as a Technical Lead at SoFi Bank, I am utilizing my deep understanding of the AWS Cloud and distributed systems to build robust FinTech platforms for retail and commercial SoFi customers. This gives me the unique advantage of having experience in both building the cloud itself, and now, using that cloud to create innovative applications using the best practices and patterns. 

Throughout my career, I’ve built a reputation as a problem solver and innovator in my field, always improving systems and user experience. In every role I’ve held, I’ve been a force multiplier that boosts the entire organization’s performance and growth.