Ephraim Fuks — TrainWell - Instructional Consultant

I am an instructional consultant specializing in improving legal training and education. 


I help legal institutes and individuals in developing and developed countries to make their training and education services more effective, efficient and engaging. I focus on improving poor performance returns from investments in legal learning and training. 


I am a featured speaker on professional performance improvement for legal specialists. 


I am co- founder of the international tax academy (https://www.ibfd.org/training); I set up a training program for tax administration officials in developing countries. I developed legal/tax training programs for more than 20 years. I give workshops for legal specialists to help improve their instructional qualities. I give workshops for prospective e-learning designers. I am founder of TrainWell where we assist organisations and individuals in legal organisations to improve training and education by improving impact on job performance. I worked as judge for Brandon Hall.