Enoch Anbu Arasu Ponnuswamy — Barclays Bank - Security Consultant, Architect

Enoch is a seasoned Security Architect and Information (Cyber) Security Technology Lead, with over 20 

years of experience in a variety of roles across global organizations. A key contributor to enhancing 

cyber security postures and managing information security risks, Enoch has developed and implemented 

comprehensive strategies and solutions to mitigate risk, threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. 

A visionary and detail-oriented security technologist, Enoch has a proven track record in secure design 

models, remediation of vulnerabilities, multi-cloud security, and cyber resilience. His expertise spans 

multiple domains, including cloud security, application/data security, IAM, compliance, risk 

management, and access control systems. Enoch continually explores emerging technologies to identify 

and implement innovative security solutions that align with business goals. 

Passionate about protecting organizations and their data from cyber threats, Enoch remains dedicated 

to staying current with industry best practices and the latest technologies. His specialties include Cloud 

Security (AWS/Azure), Security Architecture and Models, Software Development Security, Threat 

Modeling, Information Security Governance and Risk Management, Security Program Development and 

Management, Incident Response, Cyber Resilience, Access Control Systems, Business Continuity and 

Disaster Recovery Planning, and Identity and Access Management (IAM).