Dru Ryan — Trinity Washington University - Educational Technology Consultant

Andrew “Dru” J. Ryan is a top-notch instructional designer and consultant with a broad and diverse background in education and information technology. He specializes in integrating technology in learning with particular interests in helping trainers, instructors, and faculty build and transfer classroom skills to facilitate learning through alternative methods. 


Dru has worked as both an internal and external trainer and instructional designer. Professionally, he spent over 10 years in information technology and aviation industries, including a role on Wall St with JP Morgan/Chase in their technology unit to research projects with Boeing, IBM, Lockheed Martin, the FAA and NASA. 


Beyond research and development, Ryan’s duties included leading cross-functional teams, creating and delivering computer based training for air traffic controllers and airline operators, and writing code for various projects. His work has been recognized for optimizing decision making between aviation stakeholders through information sharing and knowledge management which saved the traveling public millions of minutes in delay time. 


Dru has served as an adjunct professor with George Mason University and the University of the District of Columbia. His course offerings included statistics, multimedia studies, communication, and interdisciplinary courses in Hip-Hop studies. Many of Dru’s courses have used a blended approach, where online and classroom learning are both used to satisfy course requirements. Dru also has experience teaching math, technology, and music to middle and high school students. Additionally, he has worked with the University of Maryland’s Gear-Up Program. 


He has been quoted by, among others, the Washington Post, Washington Times, Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram, wired.com, Chief Learning Officer, and Black Engineer magazine. He is also a senior judge for Brandon Hall’s Workplace Learning Awards.