Deepak Nanuru Yagamurthy — Web3Sphere Labs LLC - SRE Engineer; C0-Founder

My name is Deepak Nanuru Yagamurthy and I am reaching out to you regarding my interest as a peer reviewer at Brandon Hall. As a highly esteemed IT professional with 8+ years of experience, I am eager to contribute to the reviewing program and lend my expertise to evaluate and recognize innovative technologies and solutions. 
Throughout my career, I had the privilege of working in the IT industry, where I have excelled in roles such as a primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) responsible for maintaining infrastructure and as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) for platforms generating over $700 million annually. These experiences have allowed me to gain a deep understanding of industry best practices, technological advancements, and the crucial role of reliability in delivering exceptional user experiences. 
In addition to my professional achievements, I have been actively involved in my own venture called Web3 Sphere Labs. Under this company, I have developed Blockstats, a remarkable blockchain-related application that showcases my passion for emerging technologies This is in the progress of MVP development.