Burak Cinar — Toptal - Senior Security Architect Consultant

Senior Security Architect Consultant 


Developing and implementing security policies and procedures: This means helping design and implement robust security practices and technical controls, such as encryption, access controls, policies, and compliance documentation. 


Collaboration with Engineers: We maintain a strong “security-first” culture across the entire team. This involves building relationships of trust and collaboration with engineers, helping them create better and more secure code. 

Implement active monitoring and continuous threat analysis: as part of Pocket’s mission to establish digital trust, you’ll design, implement, and manage secure solutions for our networks and infrastructure. 


Incident Response & Planning: You’ll play a key role in developing and implementing incident response plans to respond to security incidents. You’ll also be responsible for monitoring and responding to security incidents, and continuously test and monitor our systems to ensure their effectiveness. 


Wargames, Real-Time Red/Blue exercises, and training: At Pocket, security is a process of continuous experimentation and learning (Kaizen!). To this end, you’ll regularly collaborate with the red team to design and execute penetration tests, CTF events, and tabletop scenarios. You’ll also contribute to security awareness & training efforts.