Ameya Shastri Pothukuchi — Microsoft - Product Management, Senior Manager

I have been a part of the technology and software industry for almost 10 years now – in various roles such as Software Engineer, Research Consultant (at Gartner) and Product Management. 


These roles have given me a chance to work on unique challenges and launch numerous complex software and business products. I believe this varied experience will be very relevant if I were given the opportunity to judge at Brandon Hall awards. 


In my current role at Microsoft, I’m a part of the the OneDrive SharePoint team. 

I’m leading the deployment of a product which is very crucial to the success of Microsoft and its public image, because it affects more than 550 million OneDrive consumer users and a large number of enterprise users too. As a Senior Product manager, I have to lead and work with various Product managers, engineers, legal and Sales folks. 


It is unchartered territory even for Microsoft and the complexity of the challenge is what keeps my job exciting and gets me out of bed every morning!