Alekhya Achanta — Continental Properties Company Inc - DataOps Engineer

I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of Data Science and Engineering, having worked in this domain for nearly seven years. My tenure at Continental Properties Company Inc as a DataOps Engineer has equipped me with the skills to drive transformative solutions, optimize project management, and enhance business processes. My ability to grasp intricate business processes swiftly and streamline them has been recognized and lauded by Continental’s Stakeholders.My journey began at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), where I was actively involved in QA initiatives that significantly improved product testing efficiency. My contributions there earned me two on-the-spot awards, and our team was honored with the TCS applause for the team award, highlighting our role in successful production deliveries.


Beyond my professional accomplishments, I am deeply committed to mentoring and giving back to the community. I have worked as a STEM tutor, guiding students through programming challenges, and I actively share my data engineering expertise with nonprofits. My involvement with the ADPList platform as a top 10 mentors in data engineering and my contributions to the Young Alumni Council at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth showcase my dedication to guiding and supporting the next generation of professionals.


Furthermore, I have had the honor of acting as a Judge for the globee awards in two categories: leadership and business in 2023. My sharp analytical skills, innovative mindset, and passion for progress make me well-suited to evaluate and analyze business problems quickly. My vision and expertise in harnessing the potential of data to drive change further solidify my qualifications in this regard.