Aditya Sankarabhotla, VP Technology, Nue Life Health

Aditya is a business and technology professional with a passion for using data to drive meaningful business results. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has developed expertise in delivering measurable outcomes across a variety of areas, including product, marketing, growth, and operations. 

Aditya’s approach to his work is both data-driven and people-focused.By placing a strong emphasis on collaboration, communication, and relationship-building with stakeholders across the organization, he has a track record of delivering tangible business results, leveraging his expertise in data analysis, product management, and growth marketing. He has worked with both startups and large enterprises, helping them to scale their businesses and optimize their operations through strategic planning, process improvement, and innovative technologies. 

In his current role as a senior leader at Nue Life, Aditya is responsible for overseeing the company’s product, engineering, data and growth teams. He is focused on driving growth through a data-driven approach, leveraging customer insights and market trends to inform decision-making and develop winning strategies. Aditya’s passion for using data and technology to drive business outcomes is his core competency.